Monday, February 8, 2010

The Snowpocalypse Reacheth Westward

I'm Rachel, and I am ALSO not on the road. And I'm not nearly as funny as Don, so there's that. BUT! (And it is an important BUT!), I've been Tate and Lynn's go-to for weather reports all day today. Because, the snowpocalypse? It found Oxford overnight and has made driving, in the immortal words of Lynn "super crappy and dangerous."

LOOK WHAT THEY DO FOR YOU. And by "you" I mean "the fabulous parties and booze found on the film festival circuit. But anyway. They're stuck inching along through the snowpocalypse with only their creative fire (and the heat) to keep 'em warm.

Expect a video or two as soon as they're back to the wonderful word of the Internet.

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